38 mm Atom (100 kg) / Doughty T5899701

Nettó ár: 6 820 Ft / db   Bruttó ár: 8 661 Ft / db
Cikkszám: T5899701
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The Atom Hook Clamp Coupler is supplied with a Wing Nut and Bolt Fixing.
Manufactured from high tensile Aluminium Extrusion.
These Clamps are available in sizes to fit 25,32 & 38mm diameter tubes.
SWL: 100 Kg (all sizes)
Widths: T58887: 21mm, T58830: 30mm, T58997: 30mm
Fixings: T58887: M6 Bolt & Wing Nut, T58830: M6 Bolt & Wing Nut, T58997: M10 Bolt & Wing Nut